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Find your fans.

Helping artists reach real fans with powerful and personalized direct digital marketing.

Founded by artists
serve artists.

You’ve worked hard to create amazing music that deserves to be heard by the world. So how do you build a loyal fan base and generate streams, downloads, and sales?


The answer is direct digital marketing. How do we know? Because Record•Ready was founded by artists who had these same questions and set out to find the answers.


What we do

We provide a range of direct digital marketing services that are tailored to the needs of artists and labels. Our services include:


We work with you to understand your music, goals, and audience to tailor a marketing strategy that works for your vision.

We consult on design and assets that will perform the best for your campaigns. 

Data-driven strategy

We leverage ad targeting algorithms on multiple platforms to determine who is most likely to engage based on user behaviour, demographics, interests, and other factors, continuously optimizing based on data in real time.

Tailored solutions

We provide recommendations on what approach, strategies, and budget can help you reach your goals. We can build from the ground up or pick up from where you left off to scale your campaigns.


After each campaign, we provide detailed analytical reports and insights that help you understand your fans, and continue to build momentum that will last long after our work is done.

Don't leave it to chance

Too often, after our work is mixed and mastered, we hand it off and cross our fingers. We hope that industry partners understand our music and will give it the best chance possible. We rely on DSP editorial, traditional PR and some budget for digital marketing, and it can be difficult to know what's working.


Using the latest in direct digital marketing strategies, we are able to take control and see what works in real-time. We continuously optimize as we go, ensuring we reach as many new fans as possible.

Select clients

We work with a range of artists and labels, from up-and-coming musicians to established acts. Our clients trust us to help them grow their fanbase and increase revenue.

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Ruby Waters
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The Flints
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